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My name is Inga Nielsen and I welcome you to my homepage Gate to Nowhere.
Many of the images in these galleries were done with a programm called TerraGen, a scenery generator, which was developed by Matt Fairclough. You can download a freeware version of the program at Planetside or at Terradreams.

Most of the images are postworked with Photoshop. Parts of the landscapes and scenes are painted with a graphics tablet and some images are painted entirely. Additionally I use Matte Painting to create the scenes that come to my mind.

My short stories, tutorials and the information about our solar system are only available in German.

The images on these pages are free for non-commercial and for for privat use only. In case you wish to use one or more images for commercial projects ( CD-covers, designs, ads etc. ), you can contact me via email ( see address given on the bottom of this page or in the Impressum).
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Black Hole Rising

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